End-of-Life Care

End of Life Care for Pets

At Palo Verde Pet Clinic, we do not take end of life care for your beloved pet lightly nor do we exercise the option to euthanize without very careful consideration.

Our veterinarians are well-trained medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to diagnosing and treating sick animals.

They also understand the delicate balance between extending an animal’s life and prolonging their suffering.

Just as we all age, so do our beloved pets. As much as we want our pets to live forever, there inevitably comes a time to say goodbye.

Euthanasia, offered at the appropriate time and circumstances, offers a peaceful, controlled option. As difficult as it may seem, based on your pet’s quality of life, euthansia may be something to consider.

If you would like to discuss your options, please contact Palo Verde Pet Clinic today to speak with one of our compassionate staff members.

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When do I know it’s time to offer a compassionate end of life?

As a pet-owner, it is your decision how you would like to proceed during this difficult time. We recommend you speak with family, friends and others individuals who have been an integral part of helping you care for your beloved pet over the course of their life.

Focus on your pet’s quality of life, difficulties that come with old age, and any pain or discomfort they may be suffering from to help bring clarity to your decision.

To better prepare for this decision, here are a couple questions to consider.

  • What is my pet’s current quality of life?

  • Is my pet able to eat food properly and drink enough water?

  • Is my pet happy or are they always tired and withdrawn?

  • Is my pet in noticeable pain or discomfort?

  • Have I done everything I can for my pet with the help of a veterinarian?

Palo Verde Pet Clinic is here for you and your pet in their time of need. Please feel free to reach out to our team at any time.

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Pet Euthansia and End of Life Care FAQ

What is the euthanasia process?

Because we know this is an important time for you and your pet, Palo Verde Pet Clinic offers a comfort room with specialized features to make this appointment as comfortable as possible for your family.

Our end of life process is designed to be as peaceful as possible. Once you and the doctor have determined this is the best choice for all involved, an intravenous catheter will be placed. This allows for easier access to the vein and makes the injection process quick and painless for your pet.

Next, your pet will be sedated to make the euthanasia process as quiet and painfree as possible. This drug relaxes your pet and leaves them deeply sedated. During the time it takes to reach this state, you and your family may stay with your pet and take the time you need to say goodbye.

You may choose to leave the room at this point, taking comfort in knowing your pet will leave this world calm and pain-free, or you may choose to stay while the veterinarian takes the step to administer the final medication and confirms that your pet has peacefully passed.

Does euthanasia hurt the animal?

When the euthanasia solution is injected into a pet’s vein, it rapidly travels throughout the body. Within seconds, the animal will become unconscious, experiencing no pain or suffering. Typically, a peaceful death occurs within 30 seconds of intravenous administration.

Aftercare for pets

Dealing with the end of a beloved pet’s life is never easy. We try to make the process less difficult by offering cremation services as a way to memorialize and honor the life of your pet.

The cremation company we use has an impeccable reputation. When your pet’s body leaves our facility, be assured they will be treated with dignity and returned to you in the same manor. Cremation and the return of your pet’s ashes typically takes several weeks. Cremated remains can be buried, kept in an urn or commemorated in jewelry or other keepsake items.

Grieving the loss of a pet after euthanasia

The following links provide more guidance and information as you navigate the grief of losing your beloved pet.

​​​​​​​For more pet-owner resources, visit our resources page.

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